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Dining Program in Owen Sound

Seniors can enjoy delicious and nutritious meals at our facility. Located in Owen Sound, we have a dining menu customized for every individual. We have adopted a resident-centred approach to senior care, and provide unique nutritional requirements and food services. Also, based on the preference, we make sure food allergies and special diets are taken into account as always.

What to Expect from Our Dining Program

Our friendly and qualified staff provides a wide range of special dining services to help meet the needs of the elderly. The customized dining program includes:

  • The cook is on-site
  • What is served today won’t be served for the next 5 weeks
  • Two options for all menus
  • We respect diet limitations, allergies and concerns
  • Homemade dishes (even the desserts)
  • Baker comes once a week
  • Afternoon and evening refreshments served to your room

Residents can look forward to a wide range of delicious and healthy meal options. Menus are planned with care, and meals are expertly prepared with great attention to detail. The food is prepared using fresh seasonal ingredients. Contact us now to schedule an appointment.

A Day in the Dining Room

Rise and shine for breakfast
Orange juice – apple juice – cranberry juice – milk
Cream of wheat – oatmeal porridge – assorted cold cereals
Poached eggs with bacon
Toast with jam
Assorted fresh fruits
Tea – coffee


Chicken salad
Marinated vegetable and pasta salad
Devilled egg
Mini muffin
Cantaloupe wedge


Homemade cream of potato soup
Selection of assorted sandwiches
Bread and butter pickles
Strawberry – rhubarb ice cream sundae
Tea – coffee


Marmalade roast pork
Herbed mashed potatoes with gravy
Glazed baby carrots and cranberries


Chicken breast with apricot glaze
Herbed mashed potatoes
Green beans with slivered almonds
Pickled beets

Coconut cream pie
Tea – coffee

Afternoon and evening refreshments served to your room.

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Guest Dining Room
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Dining Option for Seniors

Food that we serve for seniors is always fresh, appetizing and nutritious.

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