Nursing Retirement Homes for Owen Sound Seniors

In many retirement homes today, you will be required to pay an additional surcharge for the level of personal and nursing care that you may require. This is often a hidden cost to those residents who live in these systems, and often the only option available is to pay more or be arbitrarily moved into a nursing home facility.

As one of the nursing retirement homes in Owen Sound, Central Place Retirement Community has a dedicated, registered, high-quality nursing staff that will quietly coordinate your care by providing the necessary services you require while at the same time promoting a healthy retirement lifestyle. Your individual plan of care will be carefully discussed with each member and then implemented in such an artful manner as to maintain your autonomy, dignity and respect. We are confident you will find our nursing care program both understated and professional. Thus, you will quickly learn to depend on this compassionate and caring expression of our included services, comfortably knowing that our goal is to make you feel safe and as well as you can possibly be.

The Nursing Staff of Central Place Retirement Community is uniquely committed to the provision of a subtle care plan which is foundational to the individual’s independence and wellness. All of this serves to support your personal autonomy, something you have already publicly denoted by your distinguished membership in this premium nursing retirement home in Owen Sound.

Nursing Service

  • Health assessments
  • Administration of medications
  • Injections
  • Phlebotomy (blood sample and testing services)
  • Monitoring and recording of vital signs
  • Assistance for diabetes care
  • Post-surgical care and monitoring
  • In-house restorative care services
  • Careful collaboration with external, community service providers
  • Foot care services
  • Maintenance and supervision of personal medical file and current medication list
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