Central Place Retirement Community

Assisted Living Home With Staff Onsite in Owen Sound

In 1998, Central Place Retirement Community was designed and built on the site of the former “Central United Church” located at Third Avenue East in the city of Owen Sound. We feel honored to have been provided with the opportunity to construct our care home on this site as it has become a significant resource to the community of Owen Sound, quietly replacing the original church, which has so surely dignified the site for well over a hundred years.

Central Place is one of the leading private retirement homes in Owen Sound and hosts state-of-the-art alarm, personal paging, and communication systems. These are in place to ensure that our resident membership is afforded every opportunity to remain safe and in touch with our hospitality staff, each other, and friends.

We offer full-time registerednursing care and round-the-clock personal support care workers. We want our seniors to live independent and comfortable lives, which is why we’re always there when they need us. If you have any questions about our assisted living homes, please contact our team today.

Our Facility

The facility is fully air-conditioned and boasts a hot water forced-air system, ensuring personal comfort throughout the seasons. Our residence has two full-sized and independent elevator systems accessing all floors, and these units are situated in such a manner as to ensure maximum assistance. The services we offer residents have been formulated to offer maximum comfort and value. It is said that our home is like a tastefully appointed hotel setting that doesn’t disappoint.

To say this senior’s living retirement residence has nicely filled the emotional void left by the demolition of the former church is entirely correct. Central Place Retirement Community proudly takes the rightful place among some of the most prestigious buildings in the heart of Owen Sound.

What Makes Central Place Retirement Community Special?

Our assisted living home allows residents to be independent while having assistance onsite. With the extensive support of professional caretakers, our senior housing and care system is one of the best in Owen Sound. Though connected as one housing community, we have an individualized and unique set of people who are part of the community. Here are some reasons why people choose our assisted living home:

  • Modern but comfortable housing curated to give residents an enjoyable experience
  • Onsite nurses and trained staff are well-equipped to take care of the residents.
  • Individual preferential rooms and services are also provided to the residents.
  • A wide variety of programs cater to senior residents and their recreation throughout the day.
  • Premium dining services provide a healthy retirement lifestyle for all seniors.
  • Supervision and maintenance of resident’s medical files and current medication are taken.

Activities and Programs

We host a richly complex activities schedule for our residents to participate individually or as a group. The interests of the residents influence the scheduled activities. This provides the opportunity for everyone to feel included and participate in socialization.

Your Wellness Is Important

To provide the best-assisted living care in Owen Sound, our staff prioritizes your wellness. For us, your happiness and health are paramount. Residents can walk around and sit on the outdoor patio during the warmer seasons for fresh air. Our staff is always mindful of your needs and is always available to assist you.

To learn more about our assisted living home, you cancall us, email us or come by and visit us!

Our retirement home cares for you and your loved one. We will be more than happy to accommodate and meet your needs.