As your loved one gets older, one thing that becomes apparent is they will need more help with activities of daily living. It’s for this reason that you might’ve concluded that moving them into a retirement home is going to be in their best interest.

But, just because it’s what’s best doesn’t mean they will go willingly. If you’re reading this, we’re excited to provide you with some tips that will help make your loved ones transition into retired living much easier for them.

  1. Find the Right Place There are tons of senior care facilities that your loved one can move into. We urge you to take the time to find one that will fit the needs of your loved ones and give them what they need. Think about the amenities and activities that the private retirement home offers to the resident and the feeling you get from the assisted living facility. If something feels off, it might not be the best move to have your loved one live there.

  2. Tour the Facility When you go on your tour of the facility, take your loved one with you if possible. This way, they already have an idea of where they will be moving to rather than having them wait until the day of. Touring the facility gives you time to see how the daily activities provided occur and meet some of the residents that are there.

  3. Take Care of Basic Housekeeping Your loved one might begin to worry about all the things they need to do before moving into a senior care facility. Instead of having them worry about it, take it upon yourself to complete basic housekeeping tasks. These tasks involve ending cable and internet service to the home and changing the mailing address for your loved one to the facility’s address. This will help give your loved one’s peace of mind and allow them to focus on making the transition versus other things that aren’t as important.

  4. Give Them Time Sometimes no matter what you do, the only thing that will help your loved one make this transition is time. Give them time to process that things are changing and come to grips with how things are changing. By giving them time, you’re not forcing them to accept the transition before they are ready to do so.

Transitioning to a Retirement Home Tips We’ve offered several tips to help make the transition to a retirement home easier for your family member. Take them with you on a tour of the facility if possible and take care of housekeeping tasks that they might worry about.

If you’re still searching for a retirement home that has everything your loved one needs, contact Central Place Retirement Community. We offer several services, including theater nights and yoga, for residents to partake in.

Let us help your loved one make this their new home.

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