There are more than 28,900 residential assisted living communities around the world. If your loved one is struggling with the thought that they will soon be living in a retirement home, you might be wondering how you can help.

We came up with a list of ways that you can use to help your loved one feel better about assisted living.

  1. Talk to Them There are times where you may find yourself making decisions for your loved ones without communicating with them. This may increase their anxiety about moving into an assisted living community and making them feel left out. Before making any huge decisions, it’s vital that you sit down with your loved ones and explain to them why senior living is the best option for them. Keep them involved in the process, and you’ll find that they begin to come around to the idea over time.

  2. Sit Down With Family Talking with your loved one in a family setting might prove more beneficial than doing so one-on-one. Have your family come over and express how much they love and care for your family member and only want the best for them. Keep the conversation open and light instead of making it one where your loved one feels as if they have no choice in the matter.

  3. Stay Patient There’s only so much that you can do to help your loved one feel better about moving to a retirement community. Once you’ve planted the seed and communicated with them about the changes occurring, let them be. Everyone needs time to process changes occurring in their lives, and your loved one is no different. Don’t constantly bombard them with conversations; instead, let them take some time and come to you when they’re ready to discuss the matter.

  4. Visit Them Often If your loved one has already made the transition into assisted living, it’s best if you visit them often in the first few months that they are there. This will help them to understand that even though where they live has changed, it doesn’t mean that they won’t get to see you. One fear for some that live in assisted living is that their loved ones will forget that they are there. Show your family member this isn’t the case.

  5. Encourage a Social Life Another way to help your loved ones feel better about entering a retirement home is by encouraging them to stay active. Just because where they live changes doesn’t mean they have to give up doing things they love to do. A retirement home offers tons of opportunities to find others that are into the same activities as your loved one. They can remain social and keep their independence in a retirement facility.

Assisted Living: Making Things Easier

Assisted living is where your loved ones can get the help they need as they become older without sacrificing their independence. This doesn’t mean they will be 100% onboard with it.

Sit down and talk to them about the changes coming and encourage them to stay social and active. If you’re looking for a facility for your loved one, contact Central Place Retirement Community.

Our facility has exactly what your loved one needs to continue to thrive.

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