Are you caring for an older parent at home and finding it overwhelming and dangerous? Are you asking the question, when is it time for assisted living?

If you feel like you are not doing a good enough job of caring for your elderly parent, but feel guilty about moving them to an assisted living home, then you need to read this article for five signs that hint strongly when to move them to assisted living.

1. You Are Feeling Burnout or Chronic Stress From the Caretaker Role

Caregiver stress is a real thing! Taking care of an elderly parent can be intensely draining for you, both emotionally and physically. You are probably not only working full-time outside the home or in-home with the children, but you also have several other responsibilities sitting on your shoulders.

2. You Feel Like In-Home Care Is Way Too Expensive for You

You wish you could get someone to come in every day or a few times a week to take care of your elderly parent and take some of the burdens off you, but you are finding it hard to manage this financially. If that’s the case, it’s time to take advantage of the benefits of assisted living and take proper care of your loved one in this manner. 

3. You Are Worried About Leaving Home Even for a Few Minutes

Does your elderly parent tend to leave the stove on when they try to cook something? Or do they forget that they have taken their pills and try to take them over again?

If you are worried about leaving your parent at home even for a few minutes because you are worried they might burn the house down or hurt themselves severely, then it’s time to move them to assisted living care.

4. Your Elderly Parent Constantly Tries To Leave the Home in a High-Risk Fashion

Does your elderly parent tend to leave the house as soon as you take your eyes off them and behave in a manner that could hurt or injure them? You can’t keep an eye on your elderly parent 24/7 no matter how much you wish you could. But the staff at an assisted living care home can do that!

5. Your Loved One Behaves Aggressively and Overwhelms You 

Does your loved one have dementia or Alzheimer’s? Do they get aggressive, angry, or violent against you because of fear or anxiety? Are you finding it hard to manage their behaviour and protect yourself at the same time?

You don’t have to do it alone anymore! An assisted living care facility can help you with this. 

You Will Know When Is It Time for Assisted Living

It’s not hard to know when is it time for assisted living. Your elderly parent is giving you subtle hints (and not-so-subtle hints) about it all the time through their behaviour and actions. If you think you can’t take good care of your elderly parent and yourself at the same time, then it’s time to consider an assisted living facility like Central Place Retirement Community.

24/7 support care workers can take care of your loved one providing them onsite services, fun activities and events, and more. If you wish to visit our retirement home in Owen Sound, contact us today to set up a tour of our facility and services.

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